Your animals want to talk to you!

Animals communicate with each other all the time but are limited when trying to talk to us.  I'm here to tell you that I can help you bridge that gap.

Understand what your animal wants to say and enhance his health and happiness

You want to know what your animal thinks, feels, why he behaves a certain way, as well as taking care of his health and behavioral issues.

Perhaps your animal is older or has a terminal illness, and you're concerned about death and dying.

I can talk with your animal using words, pictures, sounds and feelings, listening deeply to what your animal has to say.  Then, using my background in energy healing techniques, training, behavior, quantum physics and natural wellness I can help to release unhealthy patterns and promote harmonious living.

What others are saying

Corine has an incomparable knowledge

You can trust her completely whether that's for nutrition as well as for any health problems. Don't hesitate to call on her.


- Patrice A.



Corine is a passionate person


She is always available to advise you when it relates to the health of your pets.  We highly recommend her! 


- Valérie & Sandra


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Are you having a problem with your companion animal?
Maybe he's sick, acting out, or displaying strange behavior that you've never noticed before. 
As an animal communicator, I help people and their animals solve behavioral problems and move blocked energy to allow natural healing through a mixture of animal telepathy and energy work, such as quantum healing, scalar wave, healing touch, EFT and chakra balancing, as well as over 20 years experience in training, behavior modification, and natural wellness solutions, including essential oils, herbs and nutrition.  I offer phone and zoom sessions all over the world as well as in-home visits in the greater Toulouse area.
Together, we can go to work solving any problems, bring peace and harmony to your household, and deepen your connection with your animal.