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Corine helps to support your dog's physical and emotional health and well-being through energy therapy. When other modalities aren't working, it's time to look deeper.

Animals instinctively know what they need to flourish. That's where Corine comes in. She tunes in, and they show her what they need, whether that be healing an injury or illness, dealing with a behavior issue, or just getting a whole body tune up.

Energetically Enhancing your Enlightened Animal Companions

Learn the Enlightened Animal Home & Heart Grounding Method with steps towards a harmonious household. 

Your Dog's Health is Important

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Hi, I’m Corine

By combining my left brained background in animal science, genetics, nutrition and positive dog training, with my right brained background in healing touch, meridians, chakras, essential oils, herbs and homeopathy, I offer a balanced approach to energy healing and communication.  

This allows me to see things from many angles to help your dog heal both physically and emotionally in the most complete way possible.


Happy Clients

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Corine was brilliant with coming up with a possible solution in answering Teddy’s wishes for more space to watch out for me. She gave me such great ideas and suggestions that I feel we can conquer any issue. She really wants to make sure the client hears the pet’s perspective, a real gift I definitely appreciated in her reading.

Durga & Teddy

Corine did a body scan and told me of several points and sensations that corresponded to my suspicions, but the most impressive was the fact that she noted EXACTLY the same places as my osteopath who saw my dogs 2 weeks prior. I have to say that I was really blown away.

In addition, the exchange with Corine was carried out with extreme benevolence, she is very gentle, and it's very pleasant to talk to her and decipher together what she discovers. In short, I loved this experience from start to finish!

Lila & Joey

The conversation was very pleasant, full of sweetness and rich in emotion. The scan is great, it allowed me to make the right decision, so no more doubt, Corine confirmed my suspicions. I'll be talking about Enlightened Animal to everyone, because Corine has an extraordinary gift in regard to our dear little furry friends.

Danielle & Isla

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