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A red Australian Shepherd with blue eyes looking at the sky while in an Enlightened Animal communication session


​I will use a combination of telepathy, energy techniques and animal behavior and natural wellness knowledge to help you understand your pet's needs.

Your pet can express many things during a session including: favorite things, personality, how they feel about each other (if in a multiple pet household), what they believe their job is.

I will ask your pet about any issues, behaviors, emotions or illness that worries you and then offer practical steps you can take that will help increase the harmony in your home, or I may suggest further energy work as well as recommending trainers or other natural wellness providers.

​I'll also ask about the soul contract your pet has with you and what life lessons you are working on together.​

The sessions are done remotely, not live. 


Because of this, it doesn't matter where you live in the world, my services are available worldwide. When you book, the time doesn't matter, as you are booking for the DAY.  After the session, I send you a report and a link for a telephone appointment to discuss and answer all your questions (included in price).

Session price: 55€ for 30 minutes

Save 20€ by booking 3 sessions at once : 145€

Save 20€ when you book a combined 90 minute communication/Reiki session:  125€

Session Includes:

  • Telepathic communication to determine where the dog is at and what is important in his life

  • Asking any questions you may have

  • Information about your soul contract with your pet and the lessons being worked on​

  • A detailed write-up of what I find​​

  • A follow-up call to discuss what I found and cleared and to answer any questions you may have

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