Sometimes, being heard is enough for our pets to change, but with big, longstanding behavioral or serious health issues, or in times when, we too, find ourselves very sad or frustrated with our pets, energy sessions are imperative for breaking negative patterns.

I will choose from one to several modalities, including healing touch, chakra clearing and scalar wave to help create balance and the opportunity for healing.

What are the results? Pets living together can stop fighting after years of hating each other, pets can stop misbehaving after only one to a few sessions, and some animals can gain a new lease on life after injury or illness.

The pricing is per session. It is recommended to have at least 3 sessions over 2 weeks to see visible changes.


Session price: $170 for 1 hour

Save $60 when you book 3 one-hour sessions at once:  $450

*can't find a time that fits your time zone?  Send me a message and we'll find a spot for you!

Session Includes:

  • Telepathic communication to determine where the dog is at 

  • ​A body scan to identify areas to target


  • Scan of the chakras to identify which ones are stagnant and/or blocked


  • Healing energy directed at specific locations on the body


  • A detailed write-up of what I find

  • A follow-up zoom call to discuss what I found and cleared and to answer any questions you may have


In the spirit of the end of year, giving, sharing and unconditional love, I'm offering you a session for your animal or for YOU! at a pay what you can rate.  You choose the amount you can afford.

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