What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is an energy field therapy, using different modalities, that supports the body to self-heal.  It helps balance and clear the body's energy systems.  This allows the entire being to stabilize and supports the body by providing a sense of well-being.

What can Energy Healing help with?

It can help with overall well-being, health issues, healing from accidents and injuries, pain control, disease prevention, trauma, anxiety and stress reduction, separation issues, grief, behavior modification, competition and training, it deepens the animal/human bond, eases the dying process and offers support during euthanasia.

Why use an Energy Healer? 

If you have tried other, more traditional avenues for helping your dog either with physical or behavioral issues, and you're not getting the outcome you'd hoped for, or if you prefer softer, more natural approaches to health and wellness, then energy healing is the next logical step on your journey.  Energy healing can also be helpful in conjunction with more traditional methods to assist in the healing process and overall well-being, no matter the stage of life.

What is animal communication?
Animal communication is a two-way, telepathic conversation between two beings. An energetic connection is made between the communicator and the animal. The communication happens through the transfer of thoughts, pictures and feelings from one mind to another. 

Why use an animal communicator?
If you find that you often wonder how your pet is feeling or what their concerns are, that's an excellent reason to use a communicator. Other topics which can help you understand your pet include: how they might adjust to a new family addition, what would make them happy, or if they have any words of wisdom for you.

Does my animal need to be present?
No. That's the beauty of telepathy. All communications and energy healings are done remotely through e-mail correspondence and Zoom.