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Enlightened Animal's Frequently Asked Questions

Will animal Reiki be good for my dog?

What is Animal Reiki?

Animal Reiki is energy field therapy, using focused meditation, that helps the body heal itself. It helps balance and cleanses the energy systems of the body.  This allows the whole being to stabilize and supports the body by providing a feeling of well-being.

The term "Reiki" translates to "spiritual energy," encompassing the universal energy present in all things—an essence explored by quantum physicists. Mikao Usui established the Japanese system of meditation and healing known as Reiki in 1922. While human Reiki finds application in medical settings, my animal-focused approach emphasizes gentle meditation over touch-based healing methods. The benefits of Reiki extend seamlessly to both humans and animals.

What does a Reiki practitioner do?

Engaging in Animal Reiki involves meditating with animals. It's about creating a positive and safe space for them to alleviate stress and promote relaxation. Deep relaxation facilitates easier healing for animals. In my practice, I consciously work to enhance the animal's sense of safety, security, and trust in my presence and the healing process. Rather than focusing on what's "wrong," I see and appreciate the beautiful essence of the animal's heart. Animals respond positively to this, benefiting greatly from the uplifting energy. Holding space means embracing the present moment with the animal, accepting it peacefully just as it is—a powerful reassurance to animals that "all is well."

What does a Reiki practitioner not do?

Animal Reiki serves as a complement to traditional veterinary care and should not be considered a replacement for medical diagnosis or treatment. I, as an Animal Reiki practitioner, do not engage in diagnosing conditions, prescribing medications, performing medical procedures, or disrupting the treatment provided by licensed medical professionals. In my practice, I adhere to the Let Animals Lead method, where animals take the lead in the session, choosing the energy they wish to receive. It's important to note that Animal Reiki is distinct from Animal Communication, each offering unique contributions to the well-being of our animal companions.

Is Animal Reiki a "hands-on" healing system?

In Animal Reiki, we take a unique approach compared to human sessions. Unlike the typical hand positions used in human Reiki, Animal Reiki doesn't rely on physical contact for effectiveness. This means sessions can be conducted from any location worldwide. It's a perfect fit for shelter animals, as well as those who may be fearful, skittish, abused, or aggressive. Distance Animal Reiki offers a gentle and powerful way to support these animals.

How can animal Reiki help?

It can help with general well-being, health problems , recovery from accidents and injuries , pain control, disease prevention, trauma, anxiety and stress reduction, separation issues, bereavement, behavior modification, competition and training, it deepens the animal/human bond. , facilitates the dying process and provides support during euthanasia.​  In other words, Reiki : 

  • maintains health and well-being on the physical, mental, and emotional levels

  • induces deep relaxation and stress relief

  • supports accelerated healing in sick or injured animals, or animals recovering from surgery

  • helps reduce pain and inflammation

  • helps reduce behavioral problems and aggression

  • helps support abused or traumatized animals

  • complements conventional and alternative therapies

  • lessens the side effects of other medical treatments

  • supports the dying process

What are the benefits and positive aspects of Reiki for animals?

Common benefits are signs of peace, well-being, and relaxation during a session.  These lead to physical, emotional and/or spiritual improvement and healing.  The positives of Reiki are : 

  • it is gentle, non-invasive, painless and stress-free

  • there is no need to know the diagnosis in order to help

  • it does not require physical touch to benefit the animals

  • it can do no harm

  • animals control their participation, thus becoming leaders in their own healing

Why use an animal Reiki practitioner?

If you've tried other, more traditional ways to help your dog with physical or behavioral issues, and you're not getting the result you were hoping for, or if you prefer gentler, more natural approaches to health and wellness, then animal Reiki is the next logical step.  Animal Reiki can also be useful in conjunction with more traditional methods to help with the healing process and general well-being at any stage of life.​

​What is animal communication?
Animal communication is a two-way telepathic conversation between two beings. An energetic connection is established between the communicator and the animal. Communication involves the transfer of thoughts, images and feelings from one mind to another.

​Why use an animal communicator?
If you find that you often wonder how your pet is feeling or what their concerns are, that's a great reason to use a communicator. Other topics can help you understand your pet: how they might adjust to a new addition to the family, what would make them happy, or if they have any words of wisdom for you.

Does my animal have to be present?
No. That's the beauty of telepathy. All energy communication and healing is done remotely via email and Zoom. This is why Enlightened Animal can offer services worldwide, no matter where you live.

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