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Chakra alignment exercise to help you and your dog

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

How to align your chakras to help your dog

Today, I wanted to show you something that you can do for yourself to help with your relationship with your dog. I know that this website is about tips and assistance for dogs and energy for dogs, but it's also important to know that how your energy is and how you’re feeling is going to affect your dog’s communication, your dog's reactions, and your dog's well-being. So I wanted to discuss something that's specifically for you, that you can have a friend or a partner or spouse do for you. It's very simple, you don't need any special skills and this will help your energy flow better.

silhouette of a person aligning their chakras

I want to share with you an alignment of your chakras. There is energy that flows from the base of your body through the crown and this energy flows in a certain pattern, and it should be like a core in the center of your body, kind of like your spinal column. If this core is out of alignment, which happens very often especially in western society, the energy gets blocked in certain areas and spills out and if that happens then your energy isn't flowing correctly. This can cause all sorts of things to go awry in your body, like little illnesses, little malfunctions in your well-being, in your energy field, and your dog will feel this because they're very sensitive to energies and this can affect their behavior and their well-being.

Exercise to align your chakras

To do the chakra alignment, you need to simply sit in a chair with a nice straight back, put your feet on the floor nice and flat, don't cross your legs, and then just sit really still. Your partner will gently grab your head from the front, at the forehead and the back, at the nape of the neck, and they're going to pull your head upwards very slowly, pulling lightly but firmly towards the top. This aligns the chakras and what you'll feel is some heat around your belly, and you should feel some heat higher up and some people even feel a rush of energy that goes all the way up their core, all the way up the center, and out the top of their head. When you feel anything similar, it means that your chakras are aligned. The pulling only needs to continue until you feel this change in your body. Once it's felt, your chakras are aligned, and you can have your partner stop.

You can do this regularly to get your chakras nice and aligned, it will help the energy flow in your body better, and in the end this will help benefit your dog as well!

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