Everything you need to know about essential oil safety in dogs

Updated: 7 days ago

You may have heard many different stories about essential oils and dogs: that they can be really dangerous, that the dog can get poisoned, and the list goes on.

Now I'm not saying that's not true, however what has almost always happened in those cases is that the owner has forcefully (well not really, but lets just say they didn't ask permission) put the oils on their dog, and very often undiluted!

Essential oils are actually pretty safe to use, especially if you let your dog guide you and tell you what he wants or needs, but as is usually the case, you need a little background information and you need to follow some basic rules.

1. Essential oils are not natural!

Never forget that essential oils are removed by man from the plant, so the safety measures that are in place in the whole plant have been removed. If an animal in the wild was eating the plant that contained the essential oil, he would stop eating way before he had enough of the essential oil in his body to cause toxicity.

2. Always dilute the oil

Essential oils should always be diluted in a carrier oil and you should only rarely put the oils on your dog's body. Never offer essential oils directly from the bottle as the aroma can be overwhelming, always offer the bottle with the lid closed and if your dog is interested, dilute, dilute, dilute.

3. Always ask your dog for permission

Let your dog smell the oil, with the lid on, every single time you plan on using oils on your dog. Never, ever just put an oil on your dog and never use essential oil diffusers near your dog. If you don't do this, you risk an adverse reaction like the stories you hear about in the news.

Here are a few additional safety precautions to follow in order to use your essential oils safely:

  • Always dilute your essential oils in a high quality carrier oil.

  • If your dog shows any signs of reaction, stop using the oil immediately and contact a professional.

  • Always keep your oils in a cool, dark place and make sure the lids are on tightly.

  • Never leave your essential oils within reach of your dog.

  • Never use essential oils on pregnant or nursing dogs.

If you'd like to know more about using essential oils on your dog and how to offer the oils to your dog, then get a copy of my free Essential oil remedy use guide, which will give you tips on how best to offer the oils to your dog!