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Exercises to start feeling energy in order to help your dog heal

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

How to Work with Energy on Your Dog

We are going to start working with your energy, and I’m going to give you two exercises so that you can start feeling energy in your hands, in objects and things around you. These exercises are designed to help you start to feel energy in your hands and then also the energy that objects and other things give off, and start to really hone your ability to notice this.

The steps to feel the energy

The first exercise is just to feel the energy in your own hands. Start by rubbing your hands together for about 10 seconds, and then move your hands apart. You're going to keep one hand still and move the other hand in and out really slowly until you start to feel something. You'll feel a resistance or like there's a ball or something pliable between your hands, or even kind of like taffy pulling back and forth. This is the energy that you can feel between your hands. If you don't feel anything don't worry, just keep trying, really focus and don't get frustrated. If you stop and start again, you may feel different sensations. At some point you should be able to feel a

ball that moves back and forth or almost like the pull of a magnet between your hands. Some people feel heat or coolness, different sensations of hot and cold, and some people might feel almost like little ants moving, kind of like your hands are just waking up. All of these are different forms of energy, so they're all valid, and the more you practice this, the more you will really get the sensation of this ball of energy. Practice this every day or a couple of times a day, or alternate with the other exercise that I'm going to explain to you below, to really start to develop this sense of energy in your hands.

hands held out feeling energy

The next exercise I'm going to describe is using an object. If you have a crystal quartz this is the ideal object to start with because it has a really strong energetic vibration, so if you can get a crystal quartz stone I recommend using that for the first part of the exercise. So again, you're going to put your hands together, and you're going to rub them really strongly together for at least 10 seconds. This gets the energy activated, it also opens up the chakras that are on the palms of your hands. Once you've done that, you're going to take your crystal quartz, and you're going to place it in the palm of your dominant hand. Close your hand around the crystal quartz, close your eyes, and then just observe the sensations that you feel that the object is giving off. You will start to feel an energetic vibration, a sensation. Keep an open mind and just observe what you're feeling, as every object has a different energetic vibration. Once you really sense the crystal quartz, put that down and then pick up another object. Pick up a stone, a plant, a piece of furniture, everything has energetic vibrations. Between each object that you work with, go and wash your hands to remove the imprint of the object that you've just been working with, so that when you pick up the next object, you’re not still feeling the vibration of the previous object you worked with.

Really get creative with this and start touching different things and work on this a couple of times a day to build your energy muscle.

There are two other exercises in this series to see. Exercise 1 to be done before this exercise, exercise 2 after this exercise.

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