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How to increase your extra-sensory capacities to start using energy healing with your dog

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

How to boost your dog's energy healing

Today I wanted to share with you a quick exercise that you can do, and this exercise is going to help move the energy up in your body and also focus on the pineal gland in your brain which will then actually help increase your energy in your body as well as increase your extra sensory capacity, your intuition, your ability to feel energy, your ability to hear or see things beyond what our eyes and ears can hear and see. This is a first step to an exercise that I will be showing you in an upcoming post to start feeling the energy in your hands and feel the energy in objects, which is all leading up to being able to do a simple energy exercise on your dog. I want to do it in the correct order so that you have time to practice in between each exercise and really build up your energy muscle.

How to do the extrasensory capacity exercise

To do this exercise you simply need to be seated, ideally on the floor or on a cushion or on a comfortable bed, either with your legs crossed or if you're in a chair with your legs down on the ground both feet touching the ground, not crossed legs. You're going to place your hands on your lap with your palms up, and you're going to touch your thumb and your first finger together and then rest your hands on your lap. Close your eyes, and you're going to breathe in, not through your nostrils but through your third eye. So imagine the air coming in through the top of your nose, not sucking in through your nostrils, breathe in straight back through your third eye and visualize this going back to where your pineal gland is. To determine where this is in your body you can turn your body to the side and make a cross-section, so take a straight line through your third eye out the back and then another straight line from the middle of your head all the way down the middle of your body and where those two cross in the center will be approximately in the middle of your head, a bit above where your ears are, and that is where the pineal gland sits in the brain. You're going to visualize the air coming in through your third eye on your in-breath, back to the pineal gland on a four count, and then when you get to that point you're going to hold your breath for at least a four count, longer if you can, and just visualize yourself in that area in the center of your brain, in your pineal gland.

woman breathing in doing an extrasensory capacity exercise

When you do this you will feel the space around your head, it might feel like a small space but with practice this space will start to expand, and you may start to see or feel things that are much greater than what's inside your head, and you’ll feel the field expand around you, and it will get larger, but this does take practice. On the out breath you're going to breathe out through your mouth like you're pushing through a straw, and as you breathe out through this virtual straw you're going to do a kegel, holding in like you're trying to hold in your urine, and you will pull in through the perineum up the center line, and you will visualize a wave going up the center of your body back up to where the pineal gland. You will then relax that contraction and release on your in-breath again.

I'll explain the whole cycle once through: breathe in for a count of four through the third eye back to the pineal gland, hold for a count of four minimum, visualize yourself in that area and with practice watch it expand, breathe out for a count of four through your mouth like a straw all while contracting through the perineum pulling up and pulling up the energy, visualizing the energy coming up like a wave through the center of your body back up to the pineal gland, relax that contraction and repeat.

I do this for 10 minutes every morning. You don't have to do it for 10 minutes you can do it for a shorter amount of time, do it as long as it feels comfortable for you at first and then see if you can increase to 10 minutes. It's a great practice to do every morning when you wake up, and the more you do it, you may start to see or feel things and see colors and see movement and shapes. That's all normal, it's all part of the experience in expanding your awareness and increasing your energy flow and getting one step closer to being able to really feel the energy in your body.

Stay tuned for the next exercises in this series of energy healing.

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