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How your energy and mood affect your dog

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

The link between your energy and your dog's energy

I want to talk to you about energy and how your energy affects your dog's behavior, and also give you a couple quick exercises to help move your energy and change your energy state. First, I wanted to talk to you a bit about how your energy affects your dog's energy. As you know, we all are made of energy, and we all have energy fields, and we interact with others near us. When our energy fields interact, we can feel things and this can affect our state, like coming into a room and getting a heavy feeling when there's someone that's in a terrible mood or has a real kind of negative energy field. The same happens with our dogs. Our dogs have energy fields as well, and they're actually much more sensitive and attuned to our energy fields than we are to theirs because we've gotten up in our heads, and we talk, and we think too much, so what happens is we've come out of our bodies a bit, and we've disconnected with this ability to feel others energies. This is something that we can relearn if we've lost that ability, but with animals they've never lost that ability, they've always had it, they're very in tune with our energies.

You may have noticed that if you are really wound up and really excited, all of a sudden your dog is really wound up and really excited. Or say you're on a walk, and you're afraid that your dog might react to another dog or something on the walk, and you see something in the distance, your heart starts palpitating, and you can feel that you’re getting stressed, well that energy (we've heard that it travels down the leash but in reality it's not even traveling down the leash, it's just your energy field interacting with their energy field) is immediately felt by your dog, and they sense that you're stressed out, they know that your heart rate’s increasing, and low and behold they bark, or they react! This reaction is in relation to how you're reacting internally even if you're not doing it consciously, it can be an automatic reaction on your part. It takes work on our part to change our internal state and then in turn see a change in our dog's state. If you're in your house, and you’re really wound up and excited, or you're dancing and singing and all of a sudden your dog starts barking and running around, and you're like "oh my goodness, what’s wrong with my dog ?", well if you think about it, you'll make the realization that you're wound up and excited and dancing around so of course they're going to feel that, and it actually adjusts their energy levels. The way energy and vibration works is kind of like tuning forks, or you see it when there are multiple clocks, and they all end up regulating themselves, so they all move at the same beat, well it's the same thing with our energy field and our level of vibration that we're projecting?. Our dogs are going to end up matching that and so if we're really wound up, or we’re really stressed out and then all of a sudden our dog reacts or does something that we think is out of the blue, if you take a step back and look at the situation and look at the people that are in the room, or if it's just you, looking internally at your state, you'll see the correlation. I'm not saying it's your fault, because a lot of our internal states are subconscious, or there's something you’re thinking about, and it's changing your internal state and that's enough to cause them to react to that and change their state.

How to improve the energetic bond between you and your dog

What's really nice about this is that if you start doing things to start really focusing on your energy levels, even without going into energy medicine or taking courses or learning techniques, but just starting to observe when you see something going on with your dog and take a step back and in to yourself and see where you're at internally, you can then start to make internal shifts in how you are. Then you will see how it affects your dog, and start to realize that there's so much communication going on between you and your dog that maybe you weren't even aware.

woman meditating to increase her energetic bond with her dog

An excellent technique to use is meditation. Any type of meditation that you can do, anything that's going to have you sit in a quiet state and just focus internally, will help you in the long run be more focused on your internal state. It will make you more present as well. There are many benefits of meditation that I won't even go into, but what it does is it helps you stay connected with what's going on inside you. When you're starting to observe things going on with your dog it becomes easier to notice what's going on within yourself, and it also helps to get you out of that state and move to a different state of being, which will then in turn help whatever your dog is going through or change his state to a calmer more happy positive state as well.

Two exercises to improve your energy

I want to give you two quick techniques that you can do that really do help get your energy flowing and really increase your aura and your energy field, which will in turn help your dog. One of the techniques is great to use when you're in a stressful state, and you just need to get it out of your system. Both of the techniques are based on Kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga is amazing, it helps align your chakras, it helps move energy, and I highly recommend it. But if you don't want to start a Kundalini yoga practice, you can try these two really quick techniques that Ii find pretty amazing and can really help with your energy flow, your state of being and will then ultimately help your dog as well because, like I said previously, they feel your energy field, they feel what's going on within you, and they react based on those sensations.

The first technique is used to really increase your aura, increase your energy field and get the energy flowing and moving throughout all your chakras and is something that you should do on a regular basis. The minimum amount of time you want to do it is 90 seconds and the maximum of time amount of time is 7 minutes. This exercise will really get your heat flowing, you'll feel warm, you might even sweat a bit. It's a pretty amazing technique. Sit in a comfortable position on a yoga mat or on a pillow with your legs crossed in front of you, either in lotus if you want to or just regular crossed legs. Put your arms out parallel or a bit above like 60 degrees up in the air with your fingers nice and spread. Keep your arms really straight. As you inhale you're going to pull your arms back and as you exhale they're going to come forward and let your hands meet towards the front. Try to go as fast as you can without getting out of breath with your eyes closed, and you will feel the heat rising. As you're doing it try to visualize like you're making a big ball, which is your aura, around your body, so you're making a semicircle around your body. On the last inhale hold your breath for as long as you can and then when you exhale you bring your hands down into your lap with your palms up, keeping your eyes closed so that you can feel the energy. You'll feel the energy in your hands, and you'll feel the energy circulating throughout your body. It's an amazing technique. If you need a visual, please watch the accompanying video above.

man with arms spread out doing an energy exercise

The other exercise that you can do is really quick. Sit in a cross-legged position on the floor, on a yoga mat or on a pillow, and put your arms straight up above your head. Take a breath in and as you breathe out you shake your hands vigorously above your head and then bring your hands down slowly while still shaking them. I find that when I'm stressed out, or I'm trying to make a decision about something or there's a lot of tension in my body, I can really release everything with this exercise, all while putting a smile on my face and I think it will put a smile on your face as well.

By adding these two exercises into your routine, you will really start to see positive changes, and it will be beneficial to you, to your dog and to your household.

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