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Interview with a Miracle Dog

Updated: May 29, 2023

When energy healing and the body become powerful teammates

The reason I love working with energy is because, so often, things happen that science just can't explain. I am always amazed at how, by simply unblocking the energy that is obstructed or stagnating, the body can heal itself and create literal miracles before our eyes. As much as I love science, I love energy even more.

Recently, I was once again face to face with the beauty and magic of our energetic realm, while working with an amazing dog named Imka. He will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I wanted to share his miraculous journey with you so that, you too, can be amazed and in awe of what energy healing and the body are capable of.

I sat down with Imka's owner and interviewed her about Imka's journey of healing.


Who is Imka?

Imka was born in May 2013. He is an Australian Shepherd. He arrived at a period of my life which was very complicated, thanks to a psychiatrist I was going to see. I've wanted a dog for a very long time. At that time, I was depressed, and I didn't allow myself to get a dog because my partner at the time didn't want one. It's the psychiatrist who told me, now you're going to have to dig deep, you've been putting others before yourself for almost 30 years. Now is the time to put yourself first. So, I knew someone who worked at a stable, who had Australian Shepherd litters, and I contacted her. She sent me pictures. I wanted a male and immediately, when I saw the photo of Imka as a baby, I just knew it was him. I can't explain it. He had this happy look, he really was always a happy puppy, in the photo he was smiling. I think a week or two later I went to pick him up.

Energy healing puppy

As this happened at a time in my life that was very difficult, he was really a crutch. It's not necessarily very good, I grant you, but in fact this dog, he clearly saved my life. Before he arrived, I no longer left my house, I saw no one, I no longer ate.

He was my first dog on my own in my adult life. So suddenly, right away, I wanted to do things well, so I contacted a positive canine educator to lay down the right foundations.

But what he prefers above all is being free in the forest, wading in the water, in the mud, digging. And he's a dog that is extremely expressive in the eyes. You know if he's okay, if he's not okay, it's really crazy.

Regarding his health concerns, what happened, and what was the follow-up to what you did before you thought about contacting me?

Last summer, I took him to the vet because as I feed him raw, I'm very careful with his stools and he had very, very black stools. I saw that it could be a liver problem or something not very cool, so I took him to the vet. The blood tests were quite good, on the other hand the vet tells me that he has a little murmur in his heart, it's very slight, but if one day I have the opportunity, have x-rays or an ultrasound done to find out where it comes from.

A month later, I take him to a vet again for something else where they have to anesthetize him and there I say listen, he is calm, give him an X-ray and an ultrasound so that I can know if I have to consult someone else or not. When I pick him up, the veterinarian tells me that I must consult a cardiologist quickly because for her, it was a dilated cardiomyopathy.

But as far as we saw, Imka hadn't changed at all. Completely asymptomatic except for that slight heart murmur the vet heard. So we immediately call a cardiologist specialist who is near us. We take him in, and they give him an ultrasound, and she tells me that she won't rule out dilated cardiomyopathy, but for her, it was stage 4 out of 5 degenerative valve disease. We didn't understand, he is asymptomatic stage 4 out of 5, we should see at least something, right?

On a walk it was fine, he didn't cough, no shortness of breath, happy dog, who eats well, in short. We leave with medication, and it was really in small doses. She told us that we don't start on something too strong if he is asymptomatic, it's not worth it.

If it deteriorated, we had to book an appointment within three months. And if it didn't deteriorate too much, within six months. The first three to four months went very well, and after 4 months, Imka began to have this somewhat peculiar sputum cough. So we put it down to his illness or his medication. We didn't really know, but we thought it's weird, all the same. So I went ahead and booked an appointment with the cardiologist.

I explain this cough to her a bit, and she tells me, that's not a cardiac cough. On the other hand, on examination, she told me now he also has arrhythmia. She tells me to do a weekly check-up with my referring veterinarian, because this arrhythmia has to stop. We leave with a little more allopathic medicine. I immediately called my veterinarian, who unfortunately was not available because she had Covid, so I only had an appointment two weeks later. In the two weeks of waiting, Imka's condition deteriorated very, very quickly, and he lost a lot of weight.

He had already lost a kilo between the two appointments with the cardiologist, but then, really, in two weeks you could see it with the naked eye! We could see that it's really not normal. So I call back saying listen, get me in as soon as possible. Fortunately, my vet returned and took us a little earlier.

So when we take Imka to this vet, who is not a cardiologist, she hears him cough. She asks us if he ate slugs or snails. For me, no, but he eats grass, like all dogs on a walk, he sometimes chews on a blade of grass, but all my dogs do that, so it was really not a source of concern for me.

She tells us that she suspects worms, those famous lungworms. I didn't know anything at all about them. She gives him a dropper of dewormer, and he's had cortisone too. Finally, a big shock treatment, before we can go back to the cardiologist.

And I think that's when I contacted you, because I told myself, we have to support this dog because we were feeling a little helpless.

Energy healing for dogs

The reason you decided to contact me was what exactly?

I had already consulted you for problems with gastritis, a year and a half or two years ago. And I noticed that it had done Imka a lot of good, since he hasn't had gastritis since, even though the vets told me it was incurable. And I had seen that at behaviorally it had worked as well. Before our sessions, Imka had an illogical fear of fishing rods.

As soon as he saw a fisherman in the distance, I had to leash him and make a big detour to be able to pass the fisherman. And right after those sessions you did with him, well, nothing. He would walk right past the fishing rods, he'd go say hello to the fishermen. Anyway, I can't explain it, but it worked really well. So I said to myself, I absolutely have to contact her again, because he is in trouble, and surely she will be able to help us.

As I knew that you also did animal communication, I hesitated a lot in fact, between animal communication and energy healing, and then I said to myself, healing is needed, and I need to know what to do.

Because in the end, when all this is told to me, I am someone who searches for a lot of information, I search the internet, I go to read the studies, and what I cannot explain to myself is this very rapid deterioration. Because when they're on medication it gets worse but slowly, not as fast as it was. I wanted a full treatment. In fact, I didn't want only allopathy because I wanted to attack from several angles. I care about this dog so much that it was impossible for me not to try to do everything. And that motivated the contact with you.

energy clearing for sick animals

Can you talk a bit about what happened after we started working together?

We did two sessions. The first one calmed him down a lot. We really saw an improvement, and yet he was taking the same medications as before. The medication had not yet changed. We saw him improve, we observed a dog a little calmer, a little more composed in any case, and who regained his joy of living a little. Because he was very clearly starting to lose it. And so we thought we might be able to wait a little, to see how things improve.

After he had the famous pipette, the degradation was rapid, so we did a second session. Things were going a little better, and he had regained his desire to eat a little because you had recommended some moist food. He had started to stop eating his raw rations and therefore the moist food, for three days, between your treatment and the visit to the cardiologist, increased his appetite. But he was still losing weight.

We went to the cardiologist, and we were given a long list of medications. Every kind of analysis was done. And the cardiologist said that his prognosis was very engaged. He had fibrillation in addition to arrhythmia and valves that weren't normal. And he says to me, which still shocks me a little, but how come no one warned you sooner? Because we've seen vets in his life and never, ever, had I been told that he had a heart murmur. And that, the cardiologist cannot explain because for him, it's congenital, and it should have been detected when he was a puppy.

So we came back home. Imka, in the evening, was really not well. He vomited what little he had eaten. And that's where the drama began. The next day he didn't get up, he didn't drink, he didn't eat, he didn't take his medication. For us, in any case, there was nothing more to do at the time. We had reached our limits, let's say.

We first called the veterinarians to find out what we could do. And so the cardiologist tells us, you have two options: keep him at home, and unfortunately he will pass, or hospitalize him ,and it's a 50:50 chance. Either he passes or he survives. And then I contacted you again.

It was mainly to find out what he wanted, because we were ready to have him hospitalized, but my biggest fear was that he would die alone in a cold cage. It was unimaginable to let go like that. So you kindly communicated with him. You told me he wanted to stay with us. We said OK, he stays with us then. We put him with some blankets in his corner, where he didn't move. We hugged him, we talked to him, we cried a lot too. With the advice of family and friends, we knew we couldn't leave him to suffer like that. I couldn't see myself letting him waste away without drinking, without eating, until he died.

We found a veterinarian who was kind enough to come to our home, and he told us he would be there between 3:45 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. And so we waited. I let you know. I told my family, my friends, that he was going to pass around that time. I had lots and lots of support at that time.

And so at 3:40 p.m., we were next to him, cuddling. And then, Imka stood up. He drank, he peed, and suddenly, we had hope. We said to ourselves that if he takes his medication, it's a miracle... and he took these medications! We looked at each other and said no, we can't do it now. We called the vet right away and said, listen, we're sorry, even if you're on the road turn around, because we couldn't let him go. To see him like that, getting up and around, we said no, he wants to fight.

Anyway, we didn't know how to explain it. Until the moment when I wrote to you to say what was happening, and then you told me that he had received a huge healing session from all over the planet, and we said to ourselves, it's crazy because we really can't explain why all of a sudden, 5 minutes from the arrival of the vet, he was fine. It was really last minute.

And since then, we've been super happy. Super grateful also because we tell ourselves that it can't be the drugs that boosted him, it's not possible, since he hadn't taken any for almost two days. We can only see one thing, that's the only thing that saved him in the end.

So since then he's been much better?

Yes, so there are ups and downs. But the lows are clearly not as low as they were on that day.

We can see that sometimes there is still a little edema because it crackles when he breathes. We see that there is still a little tense belly from time to time. He still coughs a bit, but nothing like what it was. The famous two weeks, we are very, very far from that.

Animal energy clearing

If someone asks you for a recommendation for this type of care, what will you tell them?

I would say that even if you don't believe in it, you have to try. Because, very clearly, I finally believe in it. So I'm in a process where I'm positive and where I know it's going to work.

But this is actually beyond belief. That is to say that even if I contacted you, that I noticed that it did him good, that famous day when we were going to have him euthanized, I was not aware that you had done a treatment and that you called all your colleagues, and when I found out, I said to myself that clearly, if he hadn't received that, he was leaving. And even if we don't believe it, we actually see the result on the dog. Well, it's not even a matter of believing or not believing. My dog ​​is better. My dog ​​is getting better and better, so the result is there in fact.

Well, I think you have to try. You have to try because you don't realize it until you try. We can say to ourselves, no, it's charlatanism. We can say no, there is no science behind it, there are no studies. Nevertheless, even when you don't believe in it, it is clear that it works. I think we wouldn't be here without you.

I have a very, very deep gratitude for people like you who try to do the best for our dogs, for animals and people you don't even know. It's a gift! I took it as a gift.

Yes, it is true, it has a cost. But the cost pales in comparison to the results and what you are doing. It's magic.

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