The 5 Minute Massage That Will Make Your Pup Think He's At The Spa!

Updated: 7 days ago

Has your dog ever had a really stressful day and just begs you for a spa day?

Well now you're going to be able to make his wishes come true!

By learning this five minute deep pressure technique, you'll make a huge, positive difference in his stress levels, and you'll end up with a much calmer, happier pup!

This massage technique is really helpful to use on dogs who have phobias, chronic stress, as well as for the really high energy types!

Ideally, try and do this massage for 5 minutes twice a day over 3 to 4 weeks to really see permanent changes in your dog.

Start by having your dog stand in front of you, facing sideways, and hold their collar with your non-dominant hand.

Apply gentle, deep pressure with your other hand. You'll want to wrap your

whole hand, palm and fingers, around the top of your dog’s body. You can start just in front of his ears or on his neck behind his ears.

You want to exert a gentle, deep pressure with the whole surface of your hand on your

dog’s body. Then you slide your hand along slowly from head to tail, with your hand pressing into your dog’s body. If you think you're sliding your hand slowly, slow it down twice as much! That's how slow you should be moving.

You’ll need to squeeze into your dog’s body with your fingers and thumbs, as well as

pressing down, but don’t press down too hard, your dog should be able to stand up

comfortably while you do this. You can also do this with your dog lying down,

if he's more comfortable in that position.

Once your dog is happy with you working along the back of his body, you can

extend these slow, firm strokes over the rest of his body and limbs as well.

You'll start to notice your dog’s eyes soften, and some dogs may close their eyes completely. His breathing will slow down, and you may see some yawning as he deeply relaxes.

Your dog may stretch and take a deep breath in, then sigh out. These are all positive signs that the massage is doing its job.

Doing this for just 5 minutes, ideally twice a day, will really make a huge impact on your dog's stress levels. This is the equivalent of you going to a really, high end, fancy spa and feeling like a totally new you after your day there!

So enjoy this time with your pup, knowing that you're going to really help him when he needs it the most. And the bonus is that you'll be deepening your relationship with him at the same time!

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