The Twelve Days of Wellness Day One: Safety

Dog safety

by Dr. Isla Fishburn (reprinted with author's permission)

Canine wellness.

Canine wellness is about physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health of your dog. In order to maintain balance in your dog as a WHOLE organism, we have to observe and analyse several aspects of your dog’s life from before birth to present day. Over the next 12 days of wellness I will introduce you to some of the concepts of wellness, what these include and what we need to consider on a daily basis to optimise the health and longevity in our dogs.

Today, we begin with SAFETY!

Safety to me is a key word we should remember for our dog’s wellness. At a cellular and multicellular level, the objective for any animal is to stay alive and stay safe; safety is what the cells of any animal seeks and so is what your dog, as a whole organism, seeks.

Whilst we can’t avoid or predict all situations that may put our dog’s safety in jeopardy, your dog’s daily life should be one that is filled with experiences that promote life-sustaining, life-invigorating and life-learning moments where your dog’s body, mind and spirit can feel a sense of peace, rest and, thus, safety.

Your dog’s biological need is to stay alive and every experience your dog has been exposed to will affect how safe or un-safe your dog felt; every experience affects how your dog will respond biochemically to any future events and how these also impact the physiological, physical and spiritual state of your dog’s wellness.

So, as best as you can, make every experience a lesson that will show your dog and his or her cells that their whole body is safe and that their wellness is being maintained.

On the second day of wellness we will look at just one of several routes to promote wellness for your dog as a biological and spiritual animal.