The Twelve Days of Wellness Day Twelve: You

by Dr. Isla Fishburn (reprinted with author's permission)

Canine wellness.

Canine wellness is about physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health of your dog. In order to maintain balance in your dog as a WHOLE organism, we have to observe and analyse several aspects of your dog’s life from before birth to present day. Over the next 12 days of wellness I will introduce you to some of the concepts of wellness, what these include and what we need to consider on a daily basis to optimise the health and longevity in our dogs.

Today, we are going to look at YOU.

Yes, that is right – you! In order to optimise your dog’s wellness or to improve it, you are going to have to take a close, honest analysis of yourself, your life, your stress levels, the love you have for yourself, and the time you give yourself. In all that I have discussed so far, if you go back to the very beginning and re-read it, only this time wherever you see the word dog, replace it with the word YOU!

You see, what many don’t realise is that at a quantum physics level, there is a Universal life energy that we are all a part of and are connected within. Given that our dogs live with us, what you think and how you feel can have a direct impact on your dog’s emotions, behaviour and even physical states of health. If your dog is exhibiting any imbalances it may be worth considering how you might be a cause of this, or possibly adding to it. Dogs are great healers and they will attempt to take on your worries, anxieties, fears and stressors to alleviate these from you. For many, our dog can be our saviour, as they will honestly and openly tell us that we need to balance ourselves. There is a saying that goes “heal yourself before attending to anything else.” I think we all need to listen to this and take on board what it means. Once we remove any imbalances from us (and other family members who the dog lives with) we know that any imbalance our dog may have is independent of us.

Remember on day five I talked about how anything and everything that our dog experiences can change their biochemistry and responses. Well, the same applies to us. Everything we have ever seen, heard, touched, tasted or sniffed from before birth to present day has a direct impact on our biochemistry. You see, we are no different to any other animal, with one potentially dangerous exception. By dangerous, I mean dangerous to our wellbeing and us. This is the power of thought. I know on day seven I discussed the need for our dogs (as well as us) to be able to think clearly, but here I also discussed the difference between thinking clearly and thought. The power of thought is a great gift, but a gift that can destroy, plague or terrorise our own self (it can also be our Achilles heel). This is because when we think something, what follows that thought is energy and, as you should know by now, what that energy creates is a biochemical response in our body. The energy produced from our thoughts and the resulting biochemistry generated, is felt by your dog. This, in turn, can affect your dog’s biochemistry and how s/he responds. Learning about the dangers behind the power of thought for our own wellness as well as those close to us (including our dogs) is something I urge you to seek. You can begin to live with positive conscious thought, words and actions and a decreasing amount of regret, anger, guilt, resentment or jealousy, which will affect your health and the health of your dog. You have to make (not find) the time for silence and stillness and train your brain to be quiet and calm.

So, keeping your dog healthy, optimising your dog’s wellness and keeping your dog in a state of happiness all starts with you. Once we have ruled you out, we can explore the many other routes that may have created imbalance in your dog’s physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic paths. Take some time to consider how safe you feel (do you worry about money, your job, your future – all of these things are fear related and are telling your cells that you do not feel safe – the number one priority for our cells), how balanced and natural your diet is, how relaxed and mobile every inch or your body is (from breathing, which can directly affect emotions, to allowing yourself a massage and physical exercise), making time to feel and be peaceful, how balanced or irrational your behaviours are, how much you rest your brain and allow it to be creative and plan, how healthy your skin is, how much energy and zest for life you have and how much time you make for being healed by and connected to nature.

In every moment, the body works to maintain or bring back its own biochemically balanced state. When we support our bodies with all that has been described above, this process is easily maintained and normally equates to good physical, mental and emotional health. When physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stressors exceed the body’s coping ability, things begin to malfunction. The body may have to constantly catch up with itself, depleting its various resources and energy. Over time, this results in disease. I urge you to follow a path that promotes wellness, allows time for physical exercise, meditation and time out in nature. I urge you to follow a diet of natural, wholesome, unprocessed food. I urge you to listen to your body and what it is telling you.

You are beautiful. You are unique. You are wonderful. You are loved. You are exactly where you need to be. You are the best you can be today.

Now, go and listen to you dog and see how you might be able to further improve his/her wellness or prevent imbalances from occurring.

And, thank you! Thank you for reading and listening to improve your own wellness and that of your dogs.