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What is energy and energy healing for dogs?

Updated: May 29, 2023

Energy healing, what does that mean?

Today I wanted to talk to you a bit about energy and in particular about energy healing and what it means. As most of you know, energy is all around us, everything is made of energy. We are made up of energy, trees, air, it's all just energy, moving throughout our body and around us in the environment. We also understand for most of us that some energy is visible, such as the energy that is collected to create a person or a dog, and there is also invisible energy, such as the energy field that surrounds us or the air, for example. Also, we know air exists, we know we breathe it in, and it comes out of our body, but we don't see it, unless it's cold, and we can see our breath, and we can't really feel it either, but we just know it's there.

It's been proven in quantum physics, so even if you're very science based and not spiritual like I was, because I have a scientific background, it's very easy to understand that everything is made up of energy. It's not a big step then to begin to understand the energy fields that surround our body, and that energy flows through us, that our energy fields interact with other energy fields. All you have to do is approach your dog, and you can feel the energy. You may reach out and feel some kind of warmth or tingling before you even touch their body. And who has never seen someone walk into a room and then all of a sudden the room feels heavy or negative? It is their energy field that interacts with your energy field, and you feel it. There is this interaction between our energies and the other beings around us. You can also notice it with trees. Approach a tree and touch it, you can feel the energy. I like Einstein's saying that reality is just an illusion. What he meant was that what we see isn't necessarily the whole truth, we're actually just a bunch of energy that's been put together to create a form that looks like a human, a dog or a tree. We can interact with this energy. This energy moves around us, we can feel it, and it circulates throughout our body.

Person standing in a vortex of energy

This energy is supposed to be in constant motion, in constant flux and what happens is in a state of dis-ease (not necessarily illness, but maybe stress or behavior) when the energy gets stuck and when it starts stagnating, it stays there, then it can start to cause discomfort and that discomfort can then turn into actual illness or injury if it's really blocked. Therefore, we want the energy to flow constantly throughout our body, throughout our animal's body, and we want to help maintain that flow evenly throughout the body.

Energy healing unlocks stagnation

What energy healing does is that the energy comes in with the help of the practitioner, and they help to move the energy, it helps to loosen areas that are stagnant and to unblock blocked areas and allow them to move again. It can either prevent a disease from occurring if caught early enough, or help the body heal itself by helping the body move energy again, then allow that blockage or stagnation to flow, then the body can heal itself. Because when we talk about energy healing, we're not talking about doing anything ourselves. I am only a facilitator, other people who do energy healing are only facilitators. They come in and help move the energy around, so it starts flowing properly again, and then the body does everything else on its own. The body actually heals itself, but sometimes it needs a little help if there is a small energy blockage and this can happen for several reasons: foreign bodies, injury, stress. We know that stress can kill and that stress in us or our pets can begin to turn into disease and create dis-ease, because stress is only the first step in this stagnation and blockage of energy, which then becomes a disease.

If we want to consider working with energy near or far, because energy is everywhere and energy is universal, then it's not a big step to understand that I can be on one side of the planet, and you can be on the other side of the planet and our energies can still interact, I can still work with your energy, and you can still work with my energy. It's a bit like when you think of someone you love, you haven't spoken in a while and the phone rings, and it's that person, or you feel like a friend or family member of yours has a problem or is sick, and they're living on the other side of the world, you contact them and find out that they are actually sick. It is your energy field interacting with theirs. Everyone has this ability, it's just that we tend to ignore it and say, "Oh, it was just a coincidence, I don't know why I felt that, I just felt the need to call out to you," but these are actually your interacting energy fields.

Hands working with energy

Energy healing crosses space and time

In the same vein of understanding when it comes to energy healing, I can work with someone who lives on the other side of the planet, because I can interact with anyone, anywhere in the world, or any animal, anywhere in the world because of this universal flow of energy where we are all truly connected. We just don't realize that we are all connected and can all interact with each other no matter where we are on the planet.

Regarding my way of working, we hear a lot about energy modalities. People have certain indoctrinations or trainings and methods that follow certain patterns. For example, you may have heard of Reiki or you may have heard of scalar wave, quantum touch, or healing touch. These are all different energy healing modalities, but at the end of the day, energy is energy, and so I tend not to label what I do because I have studied many modalities and I like to have a lot of things in my toolbox. Depending on the problem with the animal, I can pull out of my toolbox the method or modality that I feel is most beneficial for that animal and will help it heal the fastest. I do not consider myself a practitioner of a certain method, I am just a practitioner using energy healing of all types.

I hope this introduction to energy, energy healing and my way of working has been helpful to you and that you now have a better understanding of how energy works and how it can be used to help your animal as a preventive measure or to assist in healing illness or stress.

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