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Wholesome Hound

A comprehensive course that will make you an expert in all things natural health and wellness. 

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Learn everything you need to know about natural dog wellness

If you're constantly looking for alternative methods to help your dog remain healthy and happy, if you're feeling frustrated by the lack of consistent, clear information available and you're looking for trustworthy solutions to all your canine health concerns, you've come to the right place. 

Let me show you what’s waiting for you inside WHOLESOME HOUND once you join…

7 training modules spanning 6 months of learning including:

This course is for you if:

  • Your dog’s wellness and longevity is priceless

  • You’ve taken other courses, and now you’re ready for a more comprehensive, complete natural wellness solution

  • You’re ready to improve your dog’s natural health and wellness

  • You’re searching for answers to all your natural wellness questions

  • You want to learn new skills and become your dog’s wellness advocate

  • You enjoy learning and don’t mind putting in the commitment and work to gain new skills

  • You want to save thousands of dollars on vet bills

This course is not for you if:

  • Cost is your #1 factor in every decision

  • You want someone else to do the work for you

  • You are unwilling to learn new skills or do the homework

  • You don’t have anything really motivating you to have a chemical free life

  • You aren’t open to finding natural solutions to make it possible for your dog to live a longer, healthier life

  • You’re fine Googling your way to natural wellness solutions

Do you feel ready to take the next step in natural wellness for you and your dog?

Wholesome Hound is a comprehensive, in-depth course to teach you absolutely everything you will need in order to take care of your dog naturally, lower your vet bills, and allow your precious pup to live a long, healthy and happy life.​

You'll learn about every natural wellness modality: nutrition, essential oils, homeopathy, herbalism, massage & acupressure and communication.


If you're tired of searching, wondering if what you're doing is actually helping and don't want to take 10 different classes to get all your answers, then Wholesome Hound is THE solution for you!


You'll become the expert in all things natural wellness!

Chien en randonnée

I'm ready, sign me up!

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