First we talk, then we heal.

You aren't looking for new age talk from an animal communicator.  You need real, concrete information on who your pet is, what he loves, how to solve problems, manage new pets, deal with illness, loss and death.  

Whatever the issue is, whether behavioral or health related, through communication I can get your animal's point of view.  I can find out if it's related to an old issue, like old trauma, abuse or neglect, or something new, like a new animal in the home, a big change in your animal's life or the loss of a loved one.  If it's a physical problem, I can use medical intuition to discover the problem areas in the body, as well as find out how your animal feels and what their attitude is about their illness.  

I am not a veterinarian.  I cannot and will not diagnose your animal, but I can give you a sense of what feels off or slow and what you might need to investigate.  I can offer energy healing techniques that will help balance the body and allow it to heal itself if there are physical issues or shift behavioral issues and create balance.

Communication and energy healing is available to ALL animals, whether domesticated or wild, furred or feathered. 

Cyrielle R.

This experience was extremely enriching and full of surprises for both of us, I learned to decipher my dog's signals, I also learned to let him choose by letting him be involved in the interactions. I definitely will return to these methods either for Imka or for other dogs and I thank Corine Graham for having made me discover this universe and for having calmed Imka as well.

healthy dog

Gwendoline F.

We tested this on one of my dogs who must have suffered post adoption trauma.  When I adopted him I had an extremely fearful, withdrawn dog who refused human contact. It only took 3 days to see very clear improvements (while I had worked for almost 18 months to have small ones).  To sum it all up, I have a completely different dog who is getting more confident every day. Thank you, Corine, for allowing me this experience.

Mathilde F.

As a veterinarian practicing osteopathy, acupuncture and herbal medicine, I was at an impasse with my oldest dog, Praline, who had been gradually deteriorating for several months due to health concerns. Everything I had tried so far with her was not working or not lasting, and I saw her suffer in silence without being able to improve it. After an exchange with Corine I decided to try out her method and start a new protocol for Praline. The results were not long in coming, after a few days, Praline was livelier, more cheerful and more dynamic during our walks. I strongly advise trying and trusting Corine for the care of your dog, especially in complicated cases that have already been unsuccessfully treated, whether conventional or not.

How to work with me



You want to know what your animal thinks and feels, why they behave a certain way, to address health or behavior issues or to discuss questions about death and dying.

Communication involves the transfer of words, pictures, sounds and feelings between your animal and me.  It is the foundation of any other work we might do together, as it lights the way to better understanding of your pet's perspective. 

A session typically involves a conversation and an energetic scan of your pet is feeling in his body.


Is your dog having physical or behavioral issues that you haven't been able to fix by going to the vet or seeing a behaviorist?  Psycharomatica is your next logical step.

Canine PsychAromatica is a natural health system founded on the use of essential oils. It addresses the psyche of the dog to reduce stress, thereby increasing health, using aromatic extracts,  behavioral management, natural nutrition and owner education.

By combining the 5 elements theory, zoopharmacognosy, animal communication and stress reduction techniques, I will create a wellness plan for your dog using essential oils and hydrosols to overcome the deep-seated issues that you're having trouble managing.



You want to assist your animal with his overall well-being or address specific health or behavioral issues.

Quantum healing is an energy field therapy that supports the body to self-heal.  The techniques help balance and clear the body's energy systems.  This allows the body to stabilize and promotes healing.  It is a wonderful addition to traditional veterinary medicine to provide the very best health for your animal.

Quantum healing can provide pain relief, stress reduction, accelerated wound healing and improve immune system functioning as well as modify behavior issues.  It also helps deepen the animal/human bond.

Quantum healing is non-invasive and can be done either at home or remotely.


Do you have a difficult decision to make regarding your beloved friend?  Have you recently lost your best friend?

If you have questions about challenging death and dying situations, I can check in with your animal.  Animals are generally very open to this type of discussion and are much more accepting of the process than we expect.

If you have recently lost a pet, I can do a grief focused session and connect with your deceased pet to help you release your grief, guilt or anger surrounding your loss.


You want to balance your animal energetically and bring his body into alignment.

Scalar wave works on the electrical energy of the cells through chakra balancing and clearing.  The body needs its energy to move freely and to be balanced in order to recover from disease or trauma and to maintain vibrant health.

Scalar wave can help with such issues as anxiety, stress, unwanted behavior, physical or emotional trauma, post-surgical care, arthritis and general malaise.

This is a non-invasive approach that can be done remotely or at home and is easily incorporated into traditional treatment plans.


Is your pet lost?  This can be panic inducing and gut-wrenching.  I'm sorry you're going through this.  I've been there.

I will do my best to assist you in finding your animal. I will work very hard, but there is no guarantee of success.

Losing an animal is a traumatic event.  The best chance of finding him is by grounding, staying out of panic mode and leaving the rest up to a higher power.