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Sometimes, being heard is enough for our pets to change, but with big, longstanding behavioral or serious health issues, or in times when, we too, find ourselves very sad or frustrated with our pets, Reiki sessions are imperative for breaking negative patterns.

I will offer Reiki to help create balance, reduce stress and create the opportunity for self-healing.

What are the results? Pets living together can stop fighting after years of hating each other, pets can stop misbehaving after only one to a few sessions, and some animals can gain a new lease on life after injury or illness.

Remote Reiki sessions for animals can effectively provide support for their well-being. These sessions contribute to recovery from illness and injury, assist in post-surgery healing, reduce medication-related side effects, and even offer comfort during the hospice and end-of-life journey.

The pricing is per session. It is recommended to have at least 3 sessions over 2 weeks to see visible changes.

The sessions are done remotely, not live. 


Because of this, it doesn't matter where you live in the world, my services are available worldwide. After the session, I send you a report and a link for a telephone appointment to discuss and answer all your questions (included in price).

A red merle Australian Shepherd smiling because she received Enlightened Animal's distance dog Reiki

Session price: 90€ for 1 hour

Save 30€ when you book 3 one-hour sessions at once:  240€

Save 20€ when you book a combined 90 minute communication/Reiki session:  125€

Session Includes:

  • Focused Reiki meditation dedicated to your animal

  • ​A Reiki energy space is held, to allow your pet to relax and accept as much of the Reiki energy as they need

  • A detailed write-up of what I find​

  • A follow-up call to discuss what I found and cleared and to answer any questions you may have

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