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Get answers to your burning questions regarding your dog's wellness.

A "Pick My Brains" session is a personalized, informative consultation designed to cater to your specific questions and concerns about your dog's wellness. This session will empower you with knowledge and practical insights that are derived from a holistic understanding of canine wellness. Whether you have questions about alternative health options, need guidance on nutrition, or are interested in exploring energy work, this session provides a safe space for open conversation. Additionally, it can also touch upon topics like animal communication, herbal remedies, and mental & physical wellness. You can also gain insights into positive training techniques, the power of the present moment, and practices like meditation and self-care, which can be invaluable in enhancing the bond you share with your dog and enriching their life.

A blue merle Australian Shepherd dog smiling because her owner contacted Enlightened Animal for holistic health questions, dog Reiki and animal communication

Session price: 100€ for 1 hour

In the "Pick My Brains" session, you can ask questions that allow you to:

  • Gain insights into alternative health options for your dog.

  • Understand how animal communication can strengthen your bond.

  • Explore energy practices and their benefits for your pet.

  • Receive guidance on nutrition and herbal remedies for optimal canine health.

  • Discuss your dog's mental and physical wellness and ways to improve it.

  • Learn about positive training techniques for effective behavior management.

  • Understand the importance of living in the present moment with your pet.

  • Learn about meditation practices that can improve your dog's mental wellbeing.

  • Gain knowledge on self-care practices for you and your dog.


You can ‘pick my brain’ on anything you want to do or know about your dog.

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