The main issue that I reached out to you for was the aggressive behaviour of Louie when Soph and I were close. We seemed to have sorted this out with positive confirmation of who is the best friend and who mummy is. He seems calmer. You knew about him chasing cars and coming off second best which I’m not sure if I mentioned however he realises this was a mistake. He is relishing learning new tricks and I can’t wait to see him in a top hat and rose in his mouth! The way you connected and communicated his energy to us was amazing! You are very gifted and the world needs you! 

Kate & Louie

It was a pleasure speaking and working with you.  As we discussed, the primary challenge I was trying to resolve is Winston’s urinating in the house.  While I know that male dogs will urinate to claim or mark their territory, it hadn’t occurred to me that his in-house urination might be territorial, as opposed to simply having accidents, or just not realizing that he should signal when he wants to go outside to relieve himself.    I appreciated your expertise and your perspective to help me see and understand the situation from a different viewpoint.  With this new insight, I feel like Winston and I can re-frame the communication between us and find a mutually satisfying resolution.  Thank you again for the communication session—It was fascinating to see the process. 

Jodi & Winston

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I wanted to thank Corine for reassuring me about the state of mind and health of my girl. The conversation was very nice, full of sweetness and rich in emotion. I now know that she is happy with me and that her  life suits her well.  Corine does a remarkable job, I love her way of interpreting emotions, it is simple and colorful. The body scan was great too, it allowed me to make a necessary decision regarding seeing a specialist for her eyes. Corine has an extraordinary connection with our dear little furry friends. Thank you again.

Danielle & Isla

I was trying to understand why my dog scratches and licks a lot, causing damage to her skin. I had a hypothesis, Corine's work allowed me to validate it and I will therefore be able to work at a resolution with Patoune. This session will allow me to improve her life as a result. One thing is certain: I know which direction to go in !! I couldn't be more satisfied with the session.

Constance & Patoune

Patoune - Constance.jpg

Having tried everything for almost 8 years for my fearful girl who's afraid of everything and everyone, I had the chance to contact Corine and she was able to tell me what worried her and scared her. Since the communication, I find her really more peaceful for the first time.  She's even sleeping in the same room as us! With Corine's help, we will continue to work on her confidence. Don't hesitate to try this for your pups. When medicine doesn't work, other routes are possible, and thanks to Corine I'm discovering a stable and less dangerous dog.  Thank you!

Alessia & Ikschaster